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King Nuts

King Nuts Home - Construction

Status on 04-Sept-05
31.10.2005 -- 16kB

The inner log will extend below the outer log, to take forces in case of grounding
04.09.2005 -- 9kB

Anna-Ly with laundry to the left and unfinished Pinta to the right
04.09.2005 -- 25kB

Spreader clamps to push the sides outwards while mounting the stem plate
04.09.2005 -- 12kB

Logs protect the upper edge of the bulkheads
04.09.2005 -- 7kB

Bulkhead framing inside
04.09.2005 -- 8kB

Bulkhead outside
04.09.2005 -- 8kB

Stem with bevelled frame logs
04.09.2005 -- 13kB

Stem outside, before applying Epoxy fillets
04.09.2005 -- 11kB

The spreader log will be removed after installing the sheer logs
04.09.2005 -- 12kB

Epoxy covers ply edges and fills cracks in the ply
31.10.2005 -- 15kB

My new workbench!
31.10.2005 -- 17kB

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