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Hanoi Private Boat Yards

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Happy Boating
with HAPBY Boats!

Very glad to meet you! Hope you will, like us, take nothing as serious as having fun.
And to make sure that there is fun without end, we take safety as serious.
Have a look around this virtual boat yard. And if you feel the urge to build a boat by yourself, make sure to contact us, in Vietnamese or English. Together everything gets easier and is more fun.
Enough said. Or, well, one more thing: Pls. be a bit patient. We are right now busy with building another boat, so this webpage will stay for a while under construction, and you will get a number of "page not found" errors for now.
BTW: the latest addition is Project Boxy Cat 1.  

And here is the boating weather in Hanoi:
Click for Ha Noi, Viet Nam Forecast



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