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Our Designs

Where supplies (material and tools) are limited, building space is scarce, budget tiny, and transportation means severely limited, we need adapted designs to fit the local circumstances.
To come up with new models is therefore not only fun, but necessity.

And, necessity being the mother of inventions, we came up with some rather new approaches, e.g. our modular structures. Design details have been discussed on various eMail lists, and experience of a number of international boat designers and builders have been incorporated. Some models exist right now only virtually in the head of the designer, so stay tuned for what might come up!

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For the time being (which might be a very long time), all our designs are shared "some rights reserved" under an Attribution License, as published by creativecommons.org: You are free to use them, as long as you give credit to us as the designers. Also, if you build one of our designs, we would be thankful for feedback and photos.