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Album: Our Surrounding

The Red River, its delta, and its ships

BetonBoat01.jpg 19.12.2004 19 kB Ferro-cement boat in a canal near Ninh Binh; a new boat being built in the background
BetonBoat02.jpg 19.12.2004 19 kB near Ninh Binh
BetonBoat03.jpg 19.12.2004 25 kB near Ninh Binh
BetonBoat04.jpg 19.12.2004 20 kB near Ninh Binh
BetonBoat05.jpg 19.12.2004 29 kB near Ninh Binh
BetonBoat06.jpg 19.12.2004 28 kB New building of ferro-cement boats in a canal near Ninh Binh
BetonBoat07.jpg 19.12.2004 17 kB Detail of the stem of a small boat in a canal near Ninh Binh
BetonBoat08.jpg 19.12.2004 38 kB near Ninh Binh
BetonBoat09.jpg 19.12.2004 59 kB Stern of a small ferro-cement boat in a canal near Ninh Binh
Bridge01.jpg 19.12.2004 65 kB Pontoon bridge that the army built to relieve traffic congestions on the main bridge
HouseBoats01.jpg 19.12.2004 59 kB Near a bridge in Hanoi
HouseBoats02.jpg 19.12.2004 12 kB Rowing house boats under a bridge in Hanoi
HouseBoats03.jpg 19.12.2004 35 kB House boats between the bridges in Hanoi; note the trail of the rowing boat!
HouseBoats04.jpg 19.12.2004 36 kB house boats
HouseBoats05.jpg 19.12.2004 33 kB A family of house boats with their (long) tail up
LongBoats01.jpg 19.12.2004 9 kB LongBoats01.jpg
MotorBoats01.jpg 19.12.2004 47 kB Motorboats used at the construction site of the new bridge
SteelBoat01.jpg 19.12.2004 21 kB near Ninh Binh
SteelBoat02.jpg 19.12.2004 13 kB near Ninh Binh
SteelShips01.jpg 19.12.2004 68 kB Ships in one of Hanoi's harbours
SteelShips02.jpg 19.12.2004 69 kB near Hanoi
SteelShips03.jpg 19.12.2004 36 kB near Hanoi
SteelShips04.jpg 19.12.2004 60 kB near Hanoi
SteelShips05.jpg 19.12.2004 77 kB near Hanoi

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