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From the Books of Harry V. Sucher

Harry V. Sucher wrote in the early 70s two books "Simplified Boatbuilding": The Flat-Bottom Boat, and The V-Bottom Boat. As complement to our compilation of current boat types, we show how he defined a number of those hull types more than 30 years ago.

Note: The scans of those pages are fairly large and the pages might load a bit slowly.
In fact, the original scan files are of a better quality, but are also bigger.
A big Thank You goes to Joe Tribulato for "lending" his books to this library!

Simplified Boatbuilding: The Flat-Bottom Boat
Front Page, Pages 34 to 36: The Classification of Small Boat Types

Simplified Boatbuilding: The V-Bottom Boat
Pages 32 to 36: The Classification of Small Boat Types