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Friday, 22.10.2004, 16:00 to 17:30, Hanoi, West Lake,
in front of Đình làng Trích Sài (traditional communal house of Trich Sai village),
21°03.328'N 105°48.700'E, very close to Bac Ngoc's new house

Baptizing, Launch, Maiden Voyage,
and First Lake Trial of

OSS   Santa Maria

Santa Maria Home - Launch


The boat is a bit more than 2.3 m long, the bed of that mini truck about 1.9 m long.
The max. length of boats that can be transported with that kind of truck will be about 3 m (10 ft.).
The "truck" carries not only the boat in a special bag, but also table and chairs for the lake-side party.


The structure for the sun roof is of Bamboo, joined with "O-screws". (click for image with details)

Left: The horizontal sticks support and hold the roof, the roof is secured to the hull by thin cords.
Right: A temporary seat and the spring safety hooks that connect the cords to the hull. (click for image with details)

Left: Detail of the temporary oar mount (thole pins)
Right: Ready for baptizing. Note the long "Safety Rope" and the bottle.


OSS Santa Maria was baptized by her new owner, Anna-Ly Probst, and her mother, Nguyễn Minh Thủy,
smashing a small bottle of Lúa Mới (Vietnamese Rice Vodka) against the (C-clamp re-inforced) stem.
Hoisted flags were: Germany (forward port: owner and builder), Canada (forward starboard: designer),
Boos (aft port: German home village of owner and builder), European Union (aft starboard).
Missing, since not yet arrived: ASEAN, Hanoi.


Despite spiteful comments of some onlookers, ... she floats!
The bow takes all the forward weight without water spilling in.
The stairs into the lake make a perfect launch site. Independent of the water level of the lake, it is always easy to board the boat, since she cannot sink in more than one step: she will ground on it and needs a bit of manual lift, and a push,
and off she goes.

Maiden Voyage and First Lake Trials

Maiden voyage, secured via a "safety rope" to shore.
Left: The bow is too far up, the stern too far down.
Right: After moving the seat a bit more to the center, the thole pins are now too far aft.

Captain Anna-Ly exploring the West Lake in the other direction, now without safety rope. (click on the photo for larger, better quality images)

Left: First Officer Thành trying the Bamboo oars.
Right: Chief Engineer Hưng racing with/towards sport rowing boats.

More, and higher quality pictures in the photo album in some days.